“We love because He first loved us” (1 Jn 4:19).  Therefore, in Christian response to this love, which is revealed to us in the cross of Jesus Christ, we seek to love and care for all people here in our community.

Helping Those in Need
We help support local shelters and food pantries, such as the Good Samaritan House. Collections are taken up and delivered regularly by our staff and volunteers.

Caring for the Community
Our pastoral staff routinely takes on-call shifts at the local hospital in order to provide spiritual care for any and all who need it, whether that be patients, their families, or the nursing staff.  We are also involved with the local police department, where Pastor Gray serves as official Police Chaplain, and with Southern Illinois University Carbondale for many of their spiritual needs.

NeuroRestorative Ministry
“Founded in 1977, NeuroRestorative Carbondale was the first dedicated after-hospital rehabilitation program in the country for people with brain injury and has continued as a leader in the field for more than thirty years” (from NeuroResotative’s website).  As part of our ministry to the community, we offer an hour-long Bible study on Monday mornings for men and women who are a part of the NeuroRestorative program.  Several volunteers from the congregation help lead the study.